Landscaping your garden can be anything from adding a small decking area to sit and relax at the end of the day, to going back to basics and recreating everything. Whether you know what you want your garden to look like or you need guidance we will be happy to come over for to help. Our great landscaping services are available across Essex.


A nice fence not only separates you from your neighbours, but it also makes all the difference to the look of your garden. Due to the unpredictable English weather fences are often blown through and broken. We recommend strong fencing to ensure protection against the elements.
Fencing is available in a wide variety of designs to suit your taste. Why not get in touch with GSG Services for fencing services.


A nice patio area is a lovely place to relax in. At GSG Services we offer a wide choice of patio styles and can work closely with you to design and implement a patio area which suits your taste and requirements.


So you have tried and tried to maintain the old grass. Perhaps you have even seeded the garden but come to the conclusion it will be easier to just lay new turfing down. Perhaps the land is uneven and needs levelling before new turfing goes down?
Regardless of the reason, turfing looks great and is a great way to instantly restore the land to glory. Why not give our team a call today if you are considering turfing your garden.


Decking is a great way to bring character in to your garden. At GSG Services we have built many different shapes and sizes of decking areas. If you are considering decking for your garden then look no further, get in contact so we will come over to you and help you design the perfect decking area for you.


Whether you are paving your garden, driveway or somewhere else, we can be on hand to offer excellent paving services. We are specialists at paving and can pave the way to a better garden.