Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Having your garden regularly maintained will help to keep it looking tidy, green, full and healthy all year round.

GSG Services offers a wide range of garden maintenance services which are listed below. If you are unsure what you are looking for or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hedge cutting

Hedges are great for your gardens appearance or for privacy, but when not maintained they can look untidy. It is sometimes necessary to remove a hedge if it becomes an obstruction or you are looking to alter the layout of your garden. This work involves the careful removal of the hedge so that no damaged is caused to surrounding plants or structures. We will remove and dispose of all remains after every job.

Site clearing/site maintenance

As well as private gardens we also look after commercial sites such as;


-Small business grounds


-Industrial Lands

-Car parks

Whether there is a whole heap of rubbish to be removed, or the land needs renovating or maintaining, then give us a call.

Weed removal

Removing weeds can feel like a never ending job, so to have the area treated with a chemical can be necessary. It is important to use the correct chemicals depending on the area to be treated, surrounding plants, structures and animals.

At GSG Services we can treat and remove weeds from the problem areas and construct a plan to ensure you control the weeds and not the other way around.

Leaf Clearing

Come autumn and winter the trees start shedding their loads. If you have lots of trees then you will notice the incredible amount of leaves that will fall. Of course over time they will erode away in to dust, but if you like to enjoy your garden and haven’t got time or energy to remove the leaves then give us a call.

Planting/seeding/bulb planting

Whether you require plants to be planted, fresh seeds to be seeded or bulbs planted, we can be on hand to provide expert assistance. We have excellent experience in planting and maintenance. We can not only plant your chosen plants, seeds or bulbs but also let you know the best way to ensure they thrive in their new home.